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About Lajmon network

We build up successful businesses
Cogito ergo sum.
by René Descartes

Lajmon network is a group of businesses based on strong experience with IT projects development. We apply our analysis expertise which is required for successful IT project management to all business opportunities.

Core value of our agency is huge overview of existing and new technologies and their application to businesses. This allow us to think up out-of-the-box ideas to make business running as effective as possible.

Product Consulting

Make sure your final product uses the best processes, all avaiable technologies
and it's all combined in simple and effective way.

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Project Realization

We provide you also the end-to-end realization of projects,
which are built on technologies.

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Our work process

Core is to unnderstand each other


At first we need to fully understand your business or product. To achieve this we became the part of your company or typical customer of your product.



We analyse our experience from touching your business in previous step, suggest the improovements, discuss the options and define steps for realization.



After we both are sure about the goals, their sense and the way of reaching them, we cover for you end-to-end realization of this project.